What is YNMO?

Supported by the creation of an R&D department and working in conjunction with medical professionals, we incorporated 3D Technology for the design and manufacture of products we call YNMO.

We develop innovative products and procedures in order to provide solutions to unsolved problems and thus improve the quality of life of our patients.

Advantages of YNMO

YNMO are used to immobilize a fractured limb in a patient or to immobilize a limb after a surgical intervention obtaining the following advantages:

Immediate delivery or less than 24 hours.

Lightweight, weighing approximately 250gr.

With internal rubber for greater comfort.

Customized to the anatomy of each patient with 3D technology.

Water resistant and constructed with washable materials.

YNMO Products

Baby Boots

Classic Boot

YNMO Scaphoid


YNMO Brachiopalmar

YNMO Antebrachium Evo

YNMO Half Valve




With Ynmo Franchise you can offer the entire product line Ynmo Plaster Never Again anywhere in the world in two formats: Production Center and Contact Points